8th – EACEF 2022

E-Poster Proceeding

Hydrological & Hydroclimatology Observations In Irrigation Area To Support Irrigation Modernization

Author: Fakhri Kalbuadi
Affiliations: PT. Indra Karya (Persero) & Trisakti University

Modified Clay Material As An Alternative Coating Wall Materials

Author: Lisa Andhika Putri
Affiliations: PT. Trimitra Cipta Kreasi & Trisakti University

Geotechnical Study to Determine Slope Safety Factors in the North Pit Coal Mining PT. Golden Great Borneo

Author: Indra Muzeiyin Nasution
Affiliations: PT. Cahaya Riau Mandiri & Trisakti University

Engineering Planning Konstruksi Sarang Laba-Laba SMPN 260 Kepulauan Seribu DKI Jakarta

Author: Febriana Saputri
Affiliations: PT. Jaya Konstruksi & Trisakti University

Rukuwa Su-District Beach Security In Anticipating Seansonal Wave Overtopping

Author: La Hasrudin
Affiliations: Trisakti University

Planning And Operation Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) of The Salatiga City

Author: Dwian Faizal Wijayanto
Affiliations: PT. Palagan Prima Ecotrans & Trisakti University

Reinforcement of The Embankment With Retaining Walls Using Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall (MSE Wall)

Author: Andi Mukti Widayanto, Sugesti Adinanesa
Affiliations: PT. Arkonin Engineering & Trisakti University

The Effect of Geocomposite Materials On Flexible Pavement Recoating

Author: Muhammad Farizan Prahara
Affiliations: PT. Arkonin Engineering & Trisakti University

Implementation High Performance Concrete In Dump Hopper Oprit Rehabilitation

Author: Deni Yudistira
Affiliations: Density Utama Jaya & Pelita Harapan University

Analysis Of Drainage System To Avoid Rainwater Overflow On The Access Road To Juanda Airport

Author: Adams Nur Oktalinov Fikri, Hanie Teki Tjendani, Wateno Oetomo
Affiliations: University of 17 August 1945 Surabaya

A Revolutionary Way to Build a House

Author: DOMUS
Affiliations: Tata Logam Lestari

The Best Tile for The Perfect Building

Affiliations: Tata Logam Lestari

Taso Offerings for The Good of Nature

Author: TASO
Affiliations: Tata Logam Lestari

Pattern Of Building Mass Laying and Arrangement of Outer Areas of Puskesmas X

Author: Honesti Sarumaha
Affiliations: CV. Density Utama Jaya

Innovation Of SCC (Self Compacting Concrete ) Concrete to Normal Concrete

Author:Isnaeni Aprilia
Affiliations:Trisakti University

Predicting of Geopolymer Concrete Compressive Strength Using Multiple Linear Regression Method

Author: LL Karongkong, AA Setiawan, H Hardjasaputra
Affiliations: Universitas Pembangunan Jaya

Data Based Approach for The Sustainability Optimization of Concrete Mixtures

Author: Elmedin Seljimi, Nicola Notari, Martin Bunner, Simone Sturwald
Affiliations: Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences (OST)

Single-Point Cast-in-Place Anchors: Patented Construction Method

Author: Philipp Mahrenholtz
Affiliations: Stanley Black & Decker

Rapid Seismic Risk Assessment Of A Campus Considering Heritage Conservation

Author: Corinne Wesnee D. Yu
Affiliations: De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines